If you enjoy tackling and crunching numbers and possess the ability to think analytically and critically, has a job for you.

Job Responsibilities

  • Process Accounts Payable transactions on a daily basis

  • Issue invoices and receipts while coordinating with clients

  • Prepare relevant accounting paperwork, including bank reconciliation statements and monthly accounts. Be an integral part of the documentation process.

  • Keep track of inventory inflow and outflow.

  • Assess reports for accuracy and completeness with full knowledge of accounting standards and regulations.



  • min. 2 years of experience in accounting roles

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting

  • Familiarity with accounting databases and standard accounting procedures


  • Experience in preparing financial reports and relevant documentation

  • Experience in preparing tax returns and tracking financial information

  • Knowledge and proficiency in accounting technology software and databases such as SAP and other business intelligence software

  • Expertise in data analytics and advanced modeling techniques

  • Knowledge of existing, local accounting legislations and policies

  • The ability to multitask

  • Strong time management and prioritisation skills

  • Meticulousness in paperwork management and processing

What we’re looking for in you

  • Resilience

  • A hardworking, genuine personality

  • Passion for your job

  • The spirit of a team player

  • Proactivity and confidence

  • A willingness to continuously improve and learn